5 Activities That Can REVERSE “Life & Business Suck” Starting This Week

“Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.”  – Archimedes

Stuckness and ruts are GRADUAL.

We just wake up there. Here’s how to start fixing it RIGHT AWAY in every area of your life that matters.  (What I continually refer to as the Foundational Five: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finances.)

Now, getting out of ruts and “stuckness” and into Created Significance cannot happen without understanding leverage.

I had a guy tell me once that leverage a bad word. “It implies manipulation,” he said.

Um, no it doesn’t.

It simply means the small shifts that deliver the biggest results (a la Pareto Principle or “80/20 Rule”).

Here are 5 “top 20% shifts” that you can put into action THIS WEEK that will radically impact the Foundational Five of your life (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances).

Do the following and I GUARANTEE your life will move TOWARD more Created Significance… the life you really want.

Simple but not simplistic, they are:

1) Upgrade everything you are tolerating.

You know that garage door-opener that needs a new battery? Get the battery.

You know that luggage that’s about to fall apart? Replace it.

You know that sagging mattress you’re sleeping on? Go get a new one.  (And a GOOD one. You spend a third of your life in bed, for cryin’ out loud.)

Every single one of these things represents an emotional leak that hinders your creativity, your energy, your drive.

And they are all easily fixed. So fix them.

The results will be the eliminations of little frustrations that steal from you emotional freedom, mind clarity, productivity and a general sense of happiness… which impact more of our results any of us fully realize.

2)   Eliminate “food” that is made in a lab.

Anything that didn’t grow as food the way God intended, don’t let it into your body, as far as you can help it.

“But organic food is too expensive!”  Actually it’s usually not when you start to look at a few different factors that I won’t go into here.

But when/if it IS more expensive, it’s because IT’S REAL FOOD!  You’re not paying for some cheap man-made replacement that is actually poison to your body.

You don’t need wholesale change in this area to make a huge difference in your health and energy levels.  People think they have to do everything health-and-fitness related at once, so they don’t do anything.

This is the most subtle-but-important shift you can make, and it’s just not hard.

Don’t think in terms (yet) of a major “health overhaul”…

Just STOP forcing your body to be a filter for man-made chemicals pawned off as “food” and you’ll quickly start to enjoy the difference.

3)   Pray over an open Bible for 15 minutes a day.

You may have a meditation alternative, and maybe the Bible isn’t your thing. I get it.  But if you’re cool with the Bible, then try this.

Your connection with God will be impacted in a radically significant way through this simple short exercise.

I’ve worked with dozens of people who have adopted this have reported a notable increase in their sense of connected with and awareness of God.

4)   Learn your wife’s love language and “speak” it.

This revolutionized my marriage. (Thanks Gary Chapman.)

Everyone has a “love language” that is, way of communicating their love for someone. There are, according to Chapman, 5 love languages.  Not only does someone tend “send love” out of one of these five buckets, but their love language is also the modality through which, when received, makes them FEEL loved as well.

(It’s one thing if you love her. It’s another thing entirely for her to FEEL it.)

In other words, the thing she uses to communicate her love is usually the thing that speaks love to HER the most.

They five love languages are:

  • Quality time
  • Verbal affirmation
  • Physical touch (not always sex)
  • Acts of service
  • Gifts

Your job: discern it and deliver it… whether you FEEL like it or not, and whether it’s YOUR love language or not.

We tend to communicate with our wife in OUR OWN love language. But if it’s not hers, then brother, it ain’t workin’ for her… regardless of your intentions.

It’s not HER responsibility to CHANGE.

It’s YOUR responsibility to listen, learn and respond accordingly.

I just gave you a cheat-sheet, bro.  Use it.

5)   Every single day, commit to get your business in front of at least ONE person who doesn’t know about it yet.

In a rut with your business growth or sales?  “A ‘rut’ is a grave with the ends kicked out.”

You beat it by making sure that everyday you’re “shipping” your brand, your product, your service, your voice… out to the marketplace, or at least, one person in it.

A way to supercharge this? Get your product or service in front of one person a day who is an aggregator of  your audience, possible strategic partners or join-venture partners.

Another angle is to commit to marketing 2 hours per day. This alone can double your income this year.


These are five 80/20 actions that can propel you forward in key areas quickly.

I mean… VERY quickly.

What would happen if you just did THESE?

The first “domino” would fall:  significant personal empowerment.

And you know what BIG THINGS come after that, right?

Go make a difference so you can BE the difference this very day.

Want a cheat sheet to live your purpose and make your impact even faster? Click here to get it.


Scott N. Smith
Scott N. Smith
Scott N. Smith is a master coach and mentor. Speaking, training, coaching and leading leaders to help them grow personally, financially and organizationally.
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