How To Get More High-Impact Production In The Next 3 Days Than The Previous 3 Months

What’s the nagging “great idea” you keep having in the shower?

That’d be the one you HAVEN’T TAKEN ACTION ON?

I know, I know. You’re busy. You’ve got a lot going on.  One day, one day…

Here’s the fact:  90% of your productivity issues are mindset related.

I’ll prove it.

Just look at how much you get done before you go on vacation.

Something shifts. Something switches on.

You’re more focused, less distracted.  And you know the reasons why.

Here’s my belief:  EVERYONE can live a higher level if they learn to control that switch.

The Boost Button You’re (Usually) Not Using

On the 80’s show Knight Rider, K.I.T.T. (coolest car in the universe except for the one OTHER car I can’t mention due to political correctness) had this “boost” button that would kick him into some kind of super-speed.

My thought was: why didn’t he use that all the time?

Here’s the point about K.I.T.T.’s turbo boost.  It wasn’t a mere “stepping on the gas.”

It was an entirely different fuel system kicking in.

10X Before “10X” Was Cool

The idea of “Ten Times” growth, effectiveness, results, or whatever, is really popular right now.

And it should be.

The reason for this is that people are realizing (finally) that average or normal amounts of effort are a recipe for failure.

There’s just too much going against the average project, transaction, investment, business venture, or relationship already to allow normal effort levels to bring desired results.

But MOST HUMANS don’t anticipate these things when projecting how much effort to apply.

The old paradigm of “double your business” or “double your intimacy” or “double your output” doesn’t even charge us up anymore.

It’s overused and it has underperformed for you and me and everyone else.

Most haven’t shaken out of the lethargic thinking of “double” (and never did anything with it anyway) and are simply uninspired by it.

But when someone things 10X, that is 10 times growth around any area, something internal kicks on in a very meaningful way.

Creative juices start flowing.

Ideas rush in.

New action-lists develop faster than we can write.

What if I said you have to get 10 new clients this week for your business?

Telling every family member and Facebook friend about what you’re selling would FINALLY be on the list wouldn’t it? (I’m amazing at how many entrepreneurs STILL HAVEN’T TOLD EVERYONE THEY KNOW what they actually sell!)

Take A Lesson From A Drug Addict

What if we all worked like a drug addict?

Think about it: hundreds of thousands of dollars will go through a drug addict’s hands.  He will do whatever it takes to get the next fix.

How many former addicts have your heard tell about all the money they made but had nothing to show for it?

It’s like their addiction DROVE THEM to function at superhuman levels of production in order to get what was driving them.

What if I said “Ok, I want you to generate $10,000.”

Sit with that for a few seconds here.  How fast is your mind working?  What are you feeling in your body around the idea?  What’s your urgency meter reading?

What if I said instead “I want you to generate $10,000 in 7 days.”

What’s happening now?  What’s going on inside?  Did the pace pick up?

Now, what if someone kidnapped your spouse and sent you a note that said “Want your wife back? Then deliver $10,000. You’ve got 7 days.”

Ok, NOW what’s going on inside your head? How fast are the ideas coming? How willing NOW are you to…

  • step over your fears
  • attempt things that may not even work
  • call friends for help
  • act in spite of other’s judgements, criticisms, and opinions

You are the same person, with the same mind and the same tools, resources, education and creative potential regardless of which statement you hear first.

The only thing that changed is moving from a “normal” to “double” to a “10x” mindset.

You went from “might do” to “will do” to MUST DO.  That’s the addict’s way.

I’ve Been Doing 10X For Years

This isn’t new to me.

I got the Greek award in college because I studied Greek 10 times more than my peers.

  • When I became a speaker almost 30 years ago, I knew stories painted pictures of principles better than anything and usually the most impactful speakers told the best stories, so I found and used the best stories every time I spoke… and more of them, too.
  • When I wanted to expand my skillsets, I studied marketing 10 times more than anyone I knew – ebooks, podcasts, conferences – I literally learned more than I needed to so that when I spoke to any business owner or organization I had 10 times more proven strategies in my toolbox than they could ever use.
  • When I started my family and had a full speaking career, I did the 10X action of selling my house and getting a 43 feet, two-bedroom RV with a small “semi” truck to pull it so we would have 10X more family time than any other fully booked speaker in the country.

I’ve also failed 10 times faster and harder than most people I’ve known, losing 10X more than most of my peers ever will. But I believe I’ve milked 10X more lessons out of it all which is yielding me a COMPOUNDED 10X POSITIVE RETURN on my failure!  With 10X I can’t lose!

It is 10X thinking that has been indispensable to my current success.

Ok. So How Do I 10X Now?

I want you to 10X ONE THING in your life this week.

  • Maybe your fitness
  • Maybe your marriage
  • Maybe your marketing
  • Maybe your meditation

Stop making excuses.

Stop procrastinating… waiting for all the lights on Success Boulevard to turn green at the same time before you move, because they never will.

Just hit the boost button and GO.

So… what am I saying?  Pick ONE THING, that if done “good enough” will deliver a highly desirable result.

Then act like an addict and wear it out.

Do whatever you have to do in the “doing” to get to the “done.”

Delegate every piece if it you shouldn’t be doing. Outsource and hire out the parts that you don’t know about or are stopping you.

Personally DO THE WORK on the top 20% activity that will get it closer to the 80% complete – the part of it that no one else can do.

Bear down.

Lean in.


In 3 DAYS you’ll wonder why you waited so long to flip this switch inside your own head.

But you’ll be GLAD you DIDN’T WAIT 3 more months.

Scott N. Smith
Scott N. Smith
Scott N. Smith is a master coach and mentor. Speaking, training, coaching and leading leaders to help them grow personally, financially and organizationally.
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