First off… WELCOME! 🙂

Scott N. Smith here and I’m delighted and excited that we’re getting to know each other.

What is Created Significance and why is there a blog about it?

The best way to find out is to click that big banner below that has the video thumbnail on it.

It gets to the core, relates how it applies to YOUR LIFE and YOUR PURPOSE… and it does it FAST.

I want to be clear here. If you’re a male, married, entrepreneur who is looking to achieve unconventional success that NECESSARILY REQUIRES all your life to be an integrative, healthy whole, you’re in the right place. Our entire team and everything we do is built for this main purpose.

Scott, where do I start?

I’d recommend taking a look at the blog, it has a serious amount of value and we publish a lot of amazing content!

Then I’d maybe head over and click that big banner below (or you’ll see it also in the sidebar of most of the blog posts on this site) and get my Tenets Of Created Significance.

Scott, I want to grow my business, grow my marriage, raised stellar kids, get healthy, have a strong God-connection and cultivate powerful friendship while living a great lifestyle in the process… is this too much to ask? How can you help?

This is the question that most still won’t allow themselves to even ASK, much less set as a result to achieve. The assumption that it’s not possible is so overwhelming and engrained, many feel stupid for even considering.

But a renaissance of sorts is beginning. More and more entrepreneurs are seeing others begin to live out integrative success. They are seeing on social media and elsewhere people their age, and even younger than they, getting fit and strong in their connection with God, their family life, their peer life… all while making more money in less time than they thought possible.

After experiences this myself, my passion is to help others do the same.

My answer: yes, I can help.

I can help by…

  1. Listening to your actual story.
  2. Listening to the story you want your future to tell.
  3. Listening to the stories you tell yourself that keep you from it.
  4. Learning the “leverage points” inside your circle of influence so you can get the 80% results from the 20% skillsets/mindsets that deliver them.

But, not everyone is a fit or necessarily wants to work with me at the deeper levels, so #5 in this list would be this blog. The free information below is here so that I can help as many as possible outside my regular client base.

There is more coming.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Okay – talk soon! 😉

Click this banner and buckle up for a life impact toward YOUR Created Significance…

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