Old Success Principles Are New Again (Because The New Ones Don’t Work)

At the turn of the last century, there was a wealthy, aging, rich widow lady in Clermont, New York who was the first to get electric lights in her town

The local newspaper reporter asked, “what’s the best thing about having electric lighting in your home?”

She replied, “It makes it easier to see to light the candles.”

The Information Super Highway (haven’t heard THAT term in a while, have you?) has touched about every aspect of life with its deluge of free data on every topic under the sun.

But, it’s subtle promise hasn’t been delivered.

That subtle belief was that the Internet would allow us access to every kind of information that would, in turn, empower us to do anything we wanted.

We’d be able to get online, read an ebook, download a course, attend a seminar (webinar!) and fix our marriage, make money, optimize our sex life, have perfect health… whatever we wanted to accomplish.

After all, knowledge IS power, right?

There’s no doubt that the CORRECT information DOES EXIST online that will teach you how to do any of those things.

So why don’t more people do it?

Why, still, in the Internet Age, do MOST people hate their jobs, cheat on their spouse, get enslaved to porn, lack sufficient money and have less-than-stellar health, or for that matter…

Why do MOST LACK any real, broad-based sense of life vibrancy?

With everything from quote boards on Instagram to snap-chatting success gurus, why are most still struggling?

With all our talents, skills, insights hooked up to the always-on digital-connection to the “google-fied” Index of All Knowledge… why are YOU not where YOU want to be yet?

Here’s why. I’ll give you the answer:

It’s because success and significance were never designed to be transferred like that.

Everyone who’s been successful have “stood on the shoulders of a giant” somewhere.

Even the folks who are on YouTube getting interviewed around how they made their first million online or as a speaker, while they sit there and talk about web sites and social media platforms, what you will ALMOST ALWAYS FIND IF YOU DIG, is that – if they’re for real – had a mentor.

They had regular access to someone who coached them, guided them, SHOWED them – specifically and individually – how to achieve their success.

There was a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP somewhere that happened – and is often STILL happening – to build and sustain their success.

Let me be blunt:  you’re not going to “ebook” your way to significance and success.

You’re not going to conference your way to significance and success.

You’re not going to YouTube or Audiobook your way there.

Let’s get REAL.


The proven and fastest way to REAL SUCCESS and SIGNIFICANCE is hooking up your SKATEBOARD to someone who’s driving an AUTOMOBILE in the same direction you want to go… who themselves used to only ride skateboard, too.

I call it “Incarnational Transference.”

This entails the following:

1.     Being sick and tired of being where you are in one or several areas of your life.

2.     Identifying who “gets it” when it comes to living the dream you right now only imagine, whether they are 2000 miles ahead of you or 20 steps ahead of you.

3.     Getting their attention on YOUR current situation from their vantage point.

4.     Implementing the uncomfortable, boundary-stretching, vision-enlarging, lie-smashing guidance they give you.

What the people have discovered who are RIGHT NOW, FINALLY achieving RAPID, and MASSIVE SUCCESS and IMPACT that they have so desired for so many years are discovering is that the OLD way is the BEST way: you’ve got to get it STRAIGHT and PERSONALLY and DIRECTLY from someone who’s AT where you want to BE.

My life CHANGED when I got mentors.

And face it: the most significant changes that have ever occurred in your life didn’t come through a book, an video or a conference. It came through a relationship.

Get mentored and start GETTING what you’re SUPPOSED TO HAVE, and BEING what you’re CREATED TO BE.

Use the Internet for all it’s worth… but its BEST USE might be to find the right PERSON who’ll share the right LIGHT – the light that was there all along.

Somebody who is success and significance IN THE FLESH.

Have I said it yet? Get. A. Mentor.

Scott N. Smith
Scott N. Smith
Scott N. Smith is a master coach and mentor. Speaking, training, coaching and leading leaders to help them grow personally, financially and organizationally.
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