What’s This Guy’s Story? 

Passion. Fire. Intensity With A Soft Edge.

Wisdom. Insight. Humor.

Making a life study of having it all while leaving a massive, meaningful, meteoric impact.

This is Scott N. Smith, mentor for your Created Significance.

Son of an entrepreneurial farmer and inventor, Scott grew up seeing life from a unique vantage point of INTEGRATIVE SUCCESS.  Family life was good.  It was creative. It was TOGETHER.  Something FEW in his generation has seen. They were “the folks next door” yet there was a distinct element of PROSPERITY that they almost took for granted.

scott shannon dad Until tragedy struck and Scott learned why SUCCESS is NOT OPTIONAL.  Scott’s dad’s died of a heart attack at only 40 years of age when Scott was only 10. This was due to a rare disease that he – and the life insurance companies – knew that he had.  Basically, the business assets and savings was what was left.

It was those hard-earned assets that paid for the livelihood of Scott, his mother and brother for well over a decade, including Scott’s Bachelors and Masters degrees.  Had Scott’s father not LEVERAGED THE BEST OF HIMSELF for his family, taking risks, moving forward, struggle would have ensued, possibly even bankruptcy.

SUCCESS today is a moral requirement.

Mind His Own Business(es): Entrepreneur For Entreprenpkgflt (Small)eurs

As a professional communicator, Scott began speaking from the stage at sixteen.  A strong speaking career began and word of mouth kept Scott as busy as he wanted to be for two decades.  He and his family had the unique experience of living and traveling on a 43-foot RV for 8 years.

000_0103During that time, Scott began his coaching practice in 2008 after getting coached himself by Dan Miller of 48 Days fame in 2005.

Along with all this, Scott wanted to translate his rapidly growing marketing knowledge and his team into service for others, starting a marketing agency in 2010, called WorldTouch, Inc., which specializes in online authority building and lead generation.

Back From The Brink(s).

Not everything Scott touches turns to gold nor has it come easy.couple

He knows what it’s like to see his wife stare back at him, telling him her feelings for him have died… and yet RECOVER her heart to ACHIEVE NEW MILESTONES of HAPPINESS and COMMITMENT.

He knows what it’s like to lose HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in stock and real estate markets… only to honor his WORD to his creditors and see his FAMILY and FINANCES through.

Scott’s acumen has not come from mere reading and regurgitating the platitudes of gurus.  It comes from LIVING LIFE, testing and APPLYING and getting FEEDBACK… and LEADING literally thousands of people in living at their HIGHEST CREATED LEVELS.

Scott is RESULTS-DRIVEN. That is how he himself creates significance.

Created Significance

Scott believes that the children of the 60 generation are struggling more than any previous generation to “make life work.”  But it’s not their fault.


Chillin’ In Costa Rica, Playa Hermosa near Jaco

They are suffering from deep gaps in their “success paradigms” that they didn’t create, but inherited.

But he also believes there has NEVER been a GREATER TIME IN HISTORY to live HAVE IT ALL.

Scott’s been married to the love of his life for over 20 years. He’s the proud dad of a teenage daughter.  They live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

He likes quiet walks on the beach, his extremely cute dog, and coffee – French pressed, locally roasted.

Oh yeah… and that Happy Song by Pharrell Williams.

Archaeology and History Tour - Israel

Archaeology and History Tour – Israel

Other Things That Matter

Scott and his family are active in the fight against sexual exploitation and the human trafficking epidemic. Being robbed of one’s freedom of will and forced to accept abuse is the worst kind of suffering. Together, they are want to bring freedom, hope and joy to those who need it most.

Is He Really Practicing What He Preaches?confidence in business

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